Cascade Creek Frontier Park Project

Cascade Creek

Streambank, with new slope, plantings, and additional stabilization techniques

The Cascade Creek project is a cooperative effort between the City of Erie, the Erie County Conservation District, SONS of Lake Erie, PA Sea Grant, and Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier (LEAF) Park. The project work is occurring in several phases, with the ultimate intention to promote the continued wise public use of the park, while improving water quality to Cascade Creek and subsequently Presque Isle Bay. 

The existing stream channel had clear signs of accelerated erosion, primarily due to urban stormwater runoff and lack of riparian buffer. This project intends to not only decrease current sediment loads, through stabilization of the stream banks and establishment of riparian buffer zones, but minimize future disturbance to these areas by limiting public access within the riparian zones and promote filtering of other non-point source pollutants through the buffer establishment.