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School Programs

Are your students studying Lake Erie?

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Would you like to learn more about native species, habitats, or watersheds? Perhaps you have a topic your students would like to explore, but don’t know what resources are available? The Conservation District can help! Our programs cater to Pre-K through adult groups. The programs offered are aligned with PA state standards for Environment and Ecology; however, please feel free to talk with us about your group’s needs. We build custom programming also!

Remote Learning Modules

New for the 20-21 school year - remote learning modules!  Eight modules are available geared toward primary grades through 8th grade.  All modules contain materials needed for a class of 30 and are either able to be disinfected between uses or are disposable.  For the 20-21 school year, these 8 modules with accompanying online programming are free of charge.  The only thing needed is a class of students (in-person), a teacher in the classroom, and a computer!  Please contact Kristen Currier for more information.

Elementary Programs

Primary programs focus on students pre-K through second grade.  These programs encourage the students to use all of their senses to observe and collect information about the world around them.  Whether it’s camouflaging themselves like wildlife, discovering a micro-community, or listening like white-tailed deer in the forest, students will be fully engaged in experiencing the environment and habitats around them.

Middle School Programs

Upper elementary and middle school programs build on the skills learned in the primary grades.  Students use information and data they record and observe to explore their relationship with the environment around them and their role in it.  The main part of each program will take place outside in Headwaters Park – rain or shine.  If you are interested in a program at your school or site, please contact us for more information.

Stream Study

We also offer interactive experiences with our stream simulation table.  Nearly six feet long and continually pumping 25 gallons of water through it, it is a spectacular way to introduce watershed and stream flow, or explore various solutions to point/non-point source pollution. The possibilities are endless! For stream table pricing and more details, click here.

ECCD staff will also travel off site to work with students of all ages on various programs.  Learn about vermicomposting, your local watersheds through the Enviroscape, or test the health of the tap water from your building!  Off-site programs are a great option for larger groups or those looking to supplement their course of studies.