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Cost & Scheduling

Group Visits

Programming takes place onsite at Headwaters Park and runs one hour and 30 minutes. However, you can choose to combine two programs for a full day and bring a pack lunch. Each program includes time out in the park and on the trail — please dress appropriately! Chaperones/advisors are welcome at no cost. 

Please notify us five days prior to scheduled date if needing to cancel a program. A cancellation fee may apply if notification is given in less than five days. 

1½ Hours of Programming

  • If your group has fewer than 20 participants, the cost of a 1-1/2 hour program is $75 for the group.
  • If your group has 20 participants or more, the cost for programming is $4.50 per participant. 

3 Hours of Programming

  • If your group has fewer than 20 participants, the cost of a 3-hour program is $120 for the group.
  • If your group has 20 participants or more, add $6.50 for each participant. 

Stream Study is available in April, May, September and October. 

In-School Visit

1 Hour of Programming

  • Cost per classroom, per instructor is $30. 

For more information

Email our Environmental Educator or call (814) 825-6403 to schedule your visit.

We strive to make every visit a unique and memorable experience. It is our hope that visitors leave with a better understanding of our natural surroundings.