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Water Resources

Healthy water is water that supports and sustains life. It is water of sufficiently high quality to meet users’ needs. There is a direct relationship between healthy water and healthy people. People need large supplies of healthy water to live. We also need it to grow food, establish cities, and manufacture goods like cars and clothes. To learn more about healthy waters, click on the links below.

Watersheds 101

This video gives a brief definition of what a watershed is and how watersheds operate.

What is a Watershed?

This video tells the importance of watershed conservation and definitions of a watershed, riparian zones, and other watershed terms.

Another Watershed Moment: Pet Waste

This video explains the impact of pet waste on a watershed.

Another Watershed Moment: Stormwater

This video explains the impacts of stormwater on a watershed.

Nature Today

An artist look at life in wetlands.

Source Water PA

Sponsored by WREN (Water Resource Education Network) this website offers current information on source pollution across the state.

Additional Resources

Streamside Owners — Find help tips on keeping your stream healthy.

Backyard Conservation — Become a conservationist in your own backyard! Use the links below to find helpful tips on a variety of different topics:

​Local Watershed Maps