Headwaters Park Master Site Plan

For many years, Headwaters Park has been a haven to those interested in enjoying nature. 

Tucked away within Bundy Industrial Park, the 70 acre Park is home to four unique habitats: meadows, stream, forest, and wetland. These diverse habitats are imperative to the health of the region and the species that live within them. Part of our care of the Park includes forward-thinking plans, leading to the creation of our Master Site Plan.

Completed and approved in March 2015, the Master Site Plan takes into account the current uses of the Park, such as hiking, picnicking, dog walking, and nature observation, to name a few. We are also looking into the future health of the Park, and are making great efforts through this Plan to maintain the natural integrity of the area while creating access for visitors and educational programming.

Please take a look at our plan in entirety — feel free to all and talk about the ideas and future of Headwaters Park!