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Trout Run and Godfrey Run Watershed Implementation Plan

Trout run
Streambank, with new slope, plantings, and additional stabilization techniques

The primary goal of these projects is to reduce nutrient loading to attain overall water quality improvements within the Trout Run and Godfrey Run watersheds through the implementation of various Best Management Practices (BMPs).

 The two distinct watersheds are in close proximity, within the northwesterly portion of Erie County, PA, ultimately discharging to Lake Erie. The original problems for Trout and Godfrey Run were nutrient loading through a lack of riparian areas and the increased sediment through eroding banks.

While the overall project is ongoing, two initial projects have been completed. The projects consisted of the restoration and stabilization of streambank along Godfrey Run, including the establishment of a riparian buffer. Natural streambank design techniques were completed for a reach of stream located within an existing apple orchard. This reach was stabilized and restored to a natural state through the use of bank grading and implementation of log vanes, rock weirs, armoring, brush matting and vegetative planting. In addition, an existing severely deteriorated bridge, which was increasing downstream velocities due to restriction of flow, was removed and replaced.