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Middle/High School Activities

Check out the links below to discover online games and experiments focusing on wildlife, forestry, soils, aquatics, and climate change, along with online videos!

Wildlife and Habitats

Conservation Opportunity Area Tool - create maps and discover what species live in those areas and which are species of concern

Envirothon Wildlife references 

TreeSearch - many options to search for studies focusing on wildlife, plants, climate change and more

Monarch Live - Information and video on tracking migration of monarchs

Pollinator Live - Information and video on bees and pollinators


Envirothon - Aquatic Ecology

PA Fish ID

Water Footprint Calculator - calculate your water usage and explore why and how to conserve

Where is Earth's Water - explore where water is on earth and much more

Interactive maps - Interactive maps of streams and rivers in the US

Forestry and Soils

Envirothon - forestry

Envirothon - Soils/Land Use

Mining - explore mining for elements

Common Trees of PA

Leaf ID - interactive leaf ID quiz

Tree ID- key to IDing trees

Soil layers and calculator- check out all the info on soil, soil surveys, and even our state soil

Topographic maps - interactive topo maps for the US


San Diego Zoo

National Smithsonian Zoo

Earth Cam - Various video from around the world

PA live eagle cam

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Aquarium of the Pacific

Buoy cams - lake and ocean cams (only during daylight hours)

Text a buoy - Text a buoy in Lake Erie and get real time data back

The Great Lakes Story

Climate Change

NASA - explanation of climate change, effects, and action

NOAA - cycles, seasons, and impacts

Environmental Health Student Portal - Online videos, games, discoveries