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Grower Forms

VinES Funding Process – Curious on how to apply for state funding administered by the Erie County Conservation District? This document will take you step-by-step, from requesting a workbook to receiving cost-share for conservation practices on your vineyard.                                               

PA VinES Scoresheet – Need another copy of a scoresheet, or filling out the book digitally and need a hard copy to tabulate scores? Here is a document of just the PA VinES Self-Assessment Workbook scoresheet.  

Action Plan – After completing the workbook, develop an action plan specific to your operation based on your scores. This document is a three page blank action plan template to get you started.  

VinES Application Form – This document is the official application for PA VinES funding. Questions on how to fill it out? Give us a call and we can help!  

Landowner Letter of Commitment – This standard state document ensures permission for Erie County Conservation District staff to enter your property (with prior notification) in order to effectively administer the design, installation, and maintenance of your conservation practices funded through PA VinES.