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Middle School Envirothon

The 2025 Middle School Envirothon will be held Tuesday, May 6th!

The Middle School Envirothon began in 2011 due to interest from younger grades. After watching older siblings and friends participate in the high school competition, middle school students were ready and excited to participate in their own event. This event was created to encourage students to explore different aspects of the environment, specifically:

  • Forestry
  • Aquatics
  • Wildlife
  • Soils/Land Use
  • Current Events

Not only are students encouraged to learn and discover knowledge based on these five focuses, but they are also introduced to and work with several experts and professionals in the environmental field, demonstrating to students career options open to them and their interests. As with the high school competition, students work as a team to complete written challenges. However, the quizzes are shortened to make time for hands-on activities at each testing/learning station.  Student teams also take time prior to the event to prepare a short team oral presentation on a given topic.

Who can participate?

Erie County students in grades 5-8 are able to create school teams for the event. Each team must have 3-5 students, with a maximum of five teams per school. Homeschoolers and cyber school students are also welcome to form teams.

What is the event like?

  • The day begins with teams registering at the Resource Center at Headwaters Park. 
  • Each team will receive a clipboard and pencils to use throughout the morning. 
  • After an introduction to the event, student groups are sent with Conservation District staff into the Park to begin their morning! 
  • There are five rotations during the morning, with groups being led by ECCD staff. 

We provide a snack to the groups mid-morning, and after the fifth rotation groups head back to the Resource Center for lunch, followed by awards and pictures!

What are the awards?

Second and third place teams earn a framed certificate for display at their school,and category winners will receive themed awards. First place winners receive a framed certificate, individual medals, t-shirts, and an exclusive memento to celebrate their hard work!

How do teams prepare?

Preparations depends upon schedules of students and schools. After the advisor forms teams, students may choose to study individually, as a group during common hours at school, or after school hours at various locations. Advisors are a great resource for organizing and guiding preparation for the event.


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