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Middle School Programs

ECCD programs and activities offered are built in conjunction with the PA State Standards for Environment and Ecology.


Along with our regular programming, we also offer custom lessons and activities suited to your group’s needs. Our focus is to help create positive relationships with the environment, resulting in better stewardship of our surroundings. We look forward to working with you!

Please keep in mind that programs continue in sun, light rain or snow; please prepare and dress accordingly.

Agriculture and Wildlife

Grades 6-8

  • Tree-mendous! — An in-depth look at trees, the relationship between trees and humans, and how well we do (or don’t) co-exist.
  • Soil Study and Pests — Explore the soil at Headwaters Park, comparing silt, clay, sand, and loam. Students will also be challenged to catch a variety of insects on the hike to discover and explore the concept of Integrated Pest Management.

Streams and Watersheds

Grades 6-8

  • Stream Study — Explore Mill Creek, including the water quality, critters and surrounding area. Explore how human interaction may affect similar areas.
  • Mill Creek Flood — Relive the history and tragedy of the Mill Creek Flood of 1915 through photos and stories. Explore the source of the flood in our park and discover how Erie has adapted to our watersheds through the years.