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Elementary Programs

Our school programs focus on grades K-12, but also include Pre-K and post-secondary educational opportunities.

Elementary school main photo

The programs and activities offered are built in conjunction with the PA State Standards for Environment and Ecology. Along with our regular programming, we also offer custom lessons and activities suited to your group’s needs. Our focus is to help create positive relationships with the environment, resulting in better stewardship of our surroundings. We look forward to working with you!

Please keep in mind that programs continue in sun, light rain or snow; please prepare and dress accordingly.

Agriculture and Wildlife


  • Farm to Fork — With a farm focus, students will explore what plants and animals need to survive. Activities include a felt board story, scavenger hunt, and hike in Headwaters Park.
  • Common “Senses” — Discover Headwaters Park on a scavenger hunt, and compare animal senses to human senses through a variety of activities and games.

Grades 3-5

  • Farm to Fork — Focusing on gardens, students discover plant needs, explore and create soil, and learn how the “FBI” helps the life cycle.
  • Tree-mendous! — All things tree! Students will learn how to read tree rings, how trees survive our weather, how to “build” their own tree, and more!

Streams and Watersheds


  • Watershed Play — Students will explore the qualities of water through games and activities, discovering how it impacts our everyday life.
  • Wetland Wildlife — Diversity is the focus of this program. Students will explore the wetlands as a habitat for various birds, insects, and wildlife.

Grades 3-5

  • Watershed Wonders — Students will explore our watershed and the water cycle through interactive games, experiments, and observation.
  • Stream Study — Explore Mill Creek, including the water quality, critters, and history of the Mill Creek Flood.