Erie County Conservation District

Visit the Park

Tips for your visit to ECCD and Headwaters Park:

  • Prepare for the weather. In the spring and fall, windbreakers and sweatshirts are recommended. Please bring a raincoat if necessary. We always recommend long pants and close-toed shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes/boots) to protect legs and toes.
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • If your visit will be a little longer, consider water bottles and snacks. If you group is accustomed to eating lunch at a certain time, a quick snack mid- morning or afternoon may help keep up the energy and focus in the group. Please let us know if you need a snack break in the schedule and we are happy to accommodate you.
  • Depending on the focus of your visit, prepare the group ahead of time with an appropriate story or research on the topic.
  • Talk with the group about hiking and park habits:
    • Keep voices low. Loud noises will cause creatures to hide
    • Leave things where you find them. Feel free to bring a camera or sketch pad to make a memory to take with you.
    • When on a guided hike, stay with the leader. Not only does the staff like to keep track of the group, we want to make sure that the group has the safest, most enjoyable hike possible.
  • Downloadable Visit Tips (165.02 KB)