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Our Trails

Boardwalk Surface

Our trail system covers nearly 3 miles of 4 unique habitats: wetland, forest, stream, and meadow.

We are proud to offer this diverse environment for the public to enjoy! Our trail map is offered below for downloading and at the trailhead. We are continually managing and caring for our trails to keep them safe yet as natural as possible for the health of the Park and also our patrons.  We do offer ADA-accessible sections of trail, please note the markings on the map to identify these trails. While our trails range from gentle to a moderate slope, our trail surfaces vary greatly depending upon the habitat. If you are interested in more details, please view the photos below to see what sort of trail surface you may encounter while enjoying the Park. Keep in mind, from November through April you can assume there is a good chance of the surface being white and snow-covered!

Map with Distances (754.957 KB)

  • Vernal Pool Trail surface - boardwalk, mulch, compact soil
  • Water's Edge surface - TSA (Trail Surface Aggregate)
  • Brown's Hollow surface - TSA, boardwalk
  • Overlook Trail surface - mulch, compact soil, grass
  • Wildflower Path surface - grass
  • Deer Run surface - compact soil, mulch
  • Hillside Trail surface - compact soil, grass
  • Spillway Trail surface - TSA, boardwalk, mulch