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Ways to Give

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Headwaters NRC Trust

Headwaters NRC Trust is a 501c3 non-profit organization designed to benefit the unique natural environment of Headwaters Park and its complementary educational programs and Resource Center. Through the generous support of community members, the Trust is able to fund programs such as:

Every dollar of support means supports another opportunity for a program participant or Park patron to explore something new, or engage in nature in a positive, enjoyable way.  

Please consider giving today!

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"...I had so much fun and I think this program was really effective to teach kids the good things in nature. I learned how to identify trees using their leaves. I also learned that if you sit and be quiet you can hear great things in nature. This was a good relaxing program to take you away from all of your troubles for a couple of hours."
— 8th grader
Kids with Trail Map
"You helped me see that nature isn't just the thing out the door, but yet another world, waiting to be explored."
— 6th grader
"Absolutely looked forward to each session. This was an amazing experience for me."
— Middle school teacher